Monday, February 24, 2014

9 days and counting...

Wow life gets away from me, 9 days until our NYC adventure starts.

Jake, Jim & I leave on the fifth of March. Mark, Dan and Cola are holding down the fort.

We've got big plans but only a couple tickets so far. We're all seeing Paul Simon and Sting the second night. The boys are seeing the Allman Brothers Blues Band the last night - lucky guys as this is the last chance to see them, retirements were announced just before we got the tickets.

Other plans, possible dinner at Cafe Wha our first night - going for the atmosphere not the food. Weekend evening at the Blue Note hopefully - I should book that. A couple Upright Citizens Brigade shows - I have never been - kids love it. Bleeker Street pizza is high on the boys list & I see they have a gluten free option so I am happy. Saturday in Brooklyn, thrift & vintage shopping. Coffee at Cafe Reggio.

Broadway shows - we may go back to Once as Paul Nolan is in it now. Beautiful is very tempting & hopefully I can see Motown this time, last year it was impossible to get a ticket the week we were there. Jake & his friend Jack are seeing Jersey Boys again & I may as well - love that music. Jim has Waiting for Godot high on his list.

The art supplies are packed, Mallets sketch Manhattan is a go.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

NYC Planning Today

Starting to get excited, so happy to be heading back and soon!

Passports have been found, put in my bag with our plane tickets and the Paul Simon & Sting tickets.

Boys have done their quiz.

Heading down to OKTC so they can do the planning part and meet their room mates.

Seriously happy not to be taking a bus there or back, hopefully this helps keep me healthy this year, pneumonia when I returned home last year was terrible.

I've been listing new stuff daily on the etsy store & hopefully will have a chance to pick up my needles and knit.

Monday, December 9, 2013

An Open House

Stripe Obsession cont c

Monday morning, after a busy weekend, time to catch up  and get ready for the next.

I am knitting some new pieces and if the sun comes out I will take some pictures, hopefully before our open house on Saturday. I still have some of the hats pictured above, my best seller lately.

Jake will be dying (?) a batch of clothes one evening this week, seems wrong to type it that way. We stocked up on special order items and we got more of the items that sold out - SOCKS +...

If you are looking for fun Christmas gifts, warm woolies, original tie dyes or a great hat, please feel free to drop by on Saturday from 12-4.

elanknits Open House
187 Emery Street East
London ON
Sat Dec 14, 2013, 12-4

Thursday, December 5, 2013

A day in the life...

1. Up 7 am, water new Christmas tree
2. Try to check etsy, internet down
3. Bring Christmas lights and ornaments upstairs
4. Empty dishwasher
5. Start laundry
6. Take knits and tie dye to site of sale & set up.
7. Take Dan the helper home, stop at Timmies on the way for his breakfast, switch laundry while there.
8. Go to staff meeting, check etsy shop, facebook and email
9. Run down to sale.

It was great and fees went to a great cause, Jake and I both had a few sales, Santa gave me a Timmies card & they fed me lunch!

10. Pack up and return to work
11. Write cheques and pay for a show with my credit card, figure out who and how to get cheques signed. Send requested downloads, check and answer emails and deal with insurance issue.
12. Take Jim to voice lesson,make sure he takes in post-dated cheques.
13. Go to costco for fundraising supplies, stamps & batteries for OKTC while Jimmy sings
14. Stop to get cheques signed on way home from voice lessons.
15. Take Jim home, fold laundry while there. Try everything possible to get a picture of one of Jake's sculptures to print, give up on the fancy wifi printer and go out to the office with the picture on a memory stick and print it on the old black and white printer - screw technology!
16. Try internet again still not working, water tree again.
17. Take Jake to Bealart for interview, help him carry everything in
18. Run down to OKTC with supplies
19. Set off elevator alarm while trying to get concession stuff all on elevator, give supplies & cheques to Box Office Staff
20. Back to Beal to get Jake - He got in! I knew he was in when I heard his laugh  as I walked past the interview room, sign his permission form, help him carry everything out
21. 7 pm stopped to get shwarma
22. Home, Mark got internet working - love that man!
23. Watch a few episodes of Suits and relax - those Christmas light & ornaments will have to wait for another day.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Audit Week +

Had a great sale last week at the Wearable Art Sale. Jake is good at this stuff, he chatted with lots of folks, many were surprised he was one of the artists not my assistant.

Through the week, I didn't get much knitting done to replace sold stuff (2 hats) but Jake spent an evening making ladies tops and mens long sleeves, including some larger sizes.

It was audit week at Original Kids so of course life was crazy, all the usual stuff, set needs, cleaning up after shows, getting concession & helping with costumes for shows and on top of that we're announcing our Spring Season today and package pick up begins at noon.

My favourite project of the week as modeled by Kerry, who I think should use it in her show, let me know after 12 if you agree!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

A Week of Crazy

This is a snap shot of our week:

Jim is volunteering daily on the crew of Vigil at the McManus.

Jake and I are preparing for the Wearable Art Sale this weekend. See the London Free Press article here. I had an interview with Rogers television about the sale on Monday - so crazy that I forgot to ask when it would be aired. Pricing Jake's stuff tonight, must get tags.

Jake gets his braces off on Thursday.

At work I am preparing for our annual audit and organizing the costumes for Little Women.

Dan is heading for Kingston this weekend, so I'd like to make some granola for myself and Lannie, before he leaves on Friday. Thank goodness they didn't recall him for jury duty next week.

The sun is shining so I want to take pictures but I was so efficient at getting ready, all of my items are at the theatre.

Mark, Dan and Jim got up feeling unwell today - we have no time to be sick guys!

Monday, November 4, 2013


Jake and I both have been making some hats.

Bucket Hat 1 Top

Bucket Hat 1

As you can see we have a similar addiction to colour. Not sure I have made a single, 1 colour item while getting ready for the Wearable Art Show.

Stripe Obsession cont c

We will stay in production mode - Jake has a bunch of stuff yet to dye, because we got some good news this morning, we got accepted to the Rag Bag Bazaar on Saturday Nov 23, at the Market Tower.

Stripe Obsession cont a