Saturday, March 28, 2015

Etsy Changes and How Am I Keeping Up?

As usual January, February and March now have blown by, between end of one season, shows, tax time and our annual NYC trip I go crazy.

This piece from my annual walk on the High Line is speaking to me right now.

Blisters are healing and I am heading into the short lived work lull of Play Fest, but when it is done there will be a ton of stuff to put away.

With everything going on and the changes everyone on etsy seems to be complaining about I've had my best quarter yet after two years of steady improvement, I may have finally gotten into the groove.

49 is looking like it will be a good year...

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Knitting Pretty Green

Love my knitting right now, hand dyed yarn from BlackSheep DyeWorks looks like I got the last of the worsted in the Forest Multi but she has a sale on...

Jimmy's show (The Wedding Singer at OKTC) is done today, he had a great experience Stage Managing for the first time. Thanks Kerry.

Working on costumes for Charlie Brown Christmas and Into the Woods at the moment. Got my hair done this week so I look a bit more like Frieda.

I know not curly, wait until Saturday morning. I'm getting lots of questions (they said I would) about who coloured it, call Dodi at the Wright Hair & Co.

My etsy shop has been busy, lots of new items and many price reductions.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Work Socks Cowl

A new pattern you can buy from my Ravelry Store no need to be a member. Inspired by a request from an OKTC parent, this is based on the classic Canadian work socks and I'm sure I'll get a few more requests from the guys and gals in my life. Knit with 1 ball each of grey, red and ecru, Galway Worsted Weight Yarn 100g, 200 m.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Cowl Obsession

The thick chunky cowl is my obsession this fall, if I wasn't so busy in the rest of my life I'd be knitting them all the time. I found a great supply of Jo Sharp dk weight wool at the V V Boutique and have made a few so far for The Wearable Arts Sale.

Jake and I are looking forward to seeing old friends and making some new. He will be doing some Christmas shopping as he has just gotten his first job (he will be working at his job on the Saturday, .dpms at the Western Fair Farmers Market, but I will have his tie dyes at the Covent Garden Market).

I will be sewing those up on Tuesday next week as I wait for the delivery of our new snow blower, hopefully it comes early so I can attend the Remembrance Day service at the cenotaph.

I start rehearsals tomorrow for A Charlie Brown Christmas at Original Kids Theatre, we're having a good time already just in the planning stage, I wonder if I could convince Tribe that Frieda is a knitter....

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Christmas Shopping on Etsy & Elsewhere

I read this week about Amazon becoming one of Canada's largest retailers, for me it has become a good spot to pick up electronics books and CDs, the whole shop online phenomenon is a plus for me, I never liked going to the stores at this time of year, items arrive here and are conveniently boxed up so curious kids cannot see, that said, I also love to shop local and independent artists & can do a bit of that online as well.

If you are one of my kids/family members, I may or may not have picked you up something from one of these awesome retailers.

dpms Great Ts, tanks, beads, hats and more - these guys are local at the Western Fair Farmers Market on Saturdays but you can order online anytime.

Nordic Star Studio Socks & Mittens, take my word for it the items here are gorgeous & prices are very reasonable.

Press84 Patches, clothes, prints for the punk.

knitstitch OK you caught me, I have knit a few items myself this year, yarn came from this super local shop.

Curiosities Fantastic local gift shop with something for everyone, Canadian content is high.

For those making their first etsy purchase, here is a $5 coupon code.

Stockings are complete, I need the big SOMETHING for each of the boys, last year it was headphones, this year I don't know, Mark usually chimes in on that one and I have my Dad that I still need to buy for.

Mark and I go for a weekend away instead of getting gifts so I am busy checking out hotels and concerts for us. If you have a favourite let me know, Mark got his passport so I'm looking south at the moment.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Looking Back to Knit Now

I love new yarns and knitting patterns but I also love the oldies, no modern baby pattern book can compare to a vintage Pingouin Baby Layette issue, twin set patterns are best found in 1950s Stitchcraft magazines and I am in heaven with a stack of Vogue's Knitting magazines.

Each era of knitting has it's good points (and horrors), here are a few treasures I found recently:

 What is your favourite time period for patterns? is the look or comfort more important for you?

Sunday, October 12, 2014

A full day before work

  • 4 am jolted awake - smell skunk - Mark yelling - out of bed, grab skunk solution supplies and start mixing -give to Mark with stack of towels, prep bathroom for Annie
  • check Abbey and Cola - unskunked
  • discover Dr. Dolittle aka Mark has put skunk in cushion box on deck in case it is hurt
  • Google wildlife removal services
  • Take advantage of early hour and do laundry, post blog, etc
  • 8 am discover Mark wants to call rescue groups to pick up skunk not pay a removal agency. Guys leave for work with Mark on phone.
  • load sewing machine for work and art supplies for Jake
  • get ready for work
  • call from Mark  "Nobody helps skunks" - not surprised  are you? Now I get to let it out. Barricaded the dining-room - didn't need to wash another dog - turned box on deck so I could open it away from me - went in house and had another coffee, I figured it couldn't hurt to let the skunk relax and think I was gone, opened kitchen door, ran out opened box & ran back in. UNSKUNKED!
  • went & bought more peroxide 
  • 9 am arrive at work