Sunday, October 19, 2014

Christmas Shopping on Etsy & Elsewhere

I read this week about Amazon becoming one of Canada's largest retailers, for me it has become a good spot to pick up electronics books and CDs, the whole shop online phenomenon is a plus for me, I never liked going to the stores at this time of year, items arrive here and are conveniently boxed up so curious kids cannot see, that said, I also love to shop local and independent artists & can do a bit of that online as well.

If you are one of my kids/family members, I may or may not have picked you up something from one of these awesome retailers.

dpms Great Ts, tanks, beads, hats and more - these guys are local at the Western Fair Farmers Market on Saturdays but you can order online anytime.

Nordic Star Studio Socks & Mittens, take my word for it the items here are gorgeous & prices are very reasonable.

Press84 Patches, clothes, prints for the punk.

knitstitch OK you caught me, I have knit a few items myself this year, yarn came from this super local shop.

Curiosities Fantastic local gift shop with something for everyone, Canadian content is high.

For those making their first etsy purchase, here is a $5 coupon code.

Stockings are complete, I need the big SOMETHING for each of the boys, last year it was headphones, this year I don't know, Mark usually chimes in on that one and I have my Dad that I still need to buy for.

Mark and I go for a weekend away instead of getting gifts so I am busy checking out hotels and concerts for us. If you have a favourite let me know, Mark got his passport so I'm looking south at the moment.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Looking Back to Knit Now

I love new yarns and knitting patterns but I also love the oldies, no modern baby pattern book can compare to a vintage Pingouin Baby Layette issue, twin set patterns are best found in 1950s Stitchcraft magazines and I am in heaven with a stack of Vogue's Knitting magazines.

Each era of knitting has it's good points (and horrors), here are a few treasures I found recently:

 What is your favourite time period for patterns? is the look or comfort more important for you?

Sunday, October 12, 2014

A full day before work

  • 4 am jolted awake - smell skunk - Mark yelling - out of bed, grab skunk solution supplies and start mixing -give to Mark with stack of towels, prep bathroom for Annie
  • check Abbey and Cola - unskunked
  • discover Dr. Dolittle aka Mark has put skunk in cushion box on deck in case it is hurt
  • Google wildlife removal services
  • Take advantage of early hour and do laundry, post blog, etc
  • 8 am discover Mark wants to call rescue groups to pick up skunk not pay a removal agency. Guys leave for work with Mark on phone.
  • load sewing machine for work and art supplies for Jake
  • get ready for work
  • call from Mark  "Nobody helps skunks" - not surprised  are you? Now I get to let it out. Barricaded the dining-room - didn't need to wash another dog - turned box on deck so I could open it away from me - went in house and had another coffee, I figured it couldn't hurt to let the skunk relax and think I was gone, opened kitchen door, ran out opened box & ran back in. UNSKUNKED!
  • went & bought more peroxide 
  • 9 am arrive at work

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Stash Busting

I love a great stash busting, especially one can use a variety of yarn weights, and I hate to waste odd bits left over from other projects so Lucy Neatby's Scrunchie Hat is perfect for me. It lets me knit to my own tension and figures cast on number by my swatch, the best for relaxed knitting. I made a few last year and started another the night before last. Thank goodness I had it at the doctor's office, I'd have gone crazy waiting otherwise.

I had the above blog post already last night except for the picture which I took this morning as soon as I had enough light, the yarns are Patons Classic Wool and Noro Kureyon.

Up at 4 this morning as Mark let the dogs out (we're dog-sitting, so we have 2 extras) and Abbie caught a skunk and got sprayed, I knew as soon as it happened and started making Skunk Spray Removal Recipe.

Now what do I do with the injured skunk Mark stashed in my cushion box?

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Lexington Yarn by Isaac Mizrahi

I couldn't resist yesterday when I went into Michael's (not a regular yarn stop for me just convenient since I was out there) and was shown the Issac Mizrahi yarns, I could have bought a bunch, loved the fun colours and textures, they are all bulky so quick results were a given, the price point was pretty good too, so promising myself I would sew up the hat I had just finished and get the green cowl off the needles I bought two balls of Lexington Yarn, colour Irving.

I went on ravelry and found a free cowl pattern, adjusted my needles (probably should have used a different pattern but what the heck) and started knitting, knit both balls in a couple hours. It was hard on the hands, so not something I would like to do daily but that was due to the weight of the project. Probably would have turned out better if I had done it in the round but I like it and it was very quick, now if I can just get it seamed up. A single ball would make a hat easy.

I'll be buying more and looking for other colour combinations.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Two UFOs get Finished and ...

I start another:

Life has been crazy but this week things are settling down, I've managed to cross items off my to do lists, at home and at work. I even found I had time to write this blog/life update. I just need things to dry up a bit so I can plant my garlic for next summer.

Adam and Eve had a very lovely wedding and are heading off for their honeymoon.
Dan is settled in at school and is happy. Jake is heading to see him next weekend, yep I know it is Thanksgiving, but Jim and Mark have to work all weekend so...

Jake is busily tie dyeing, one item is an experiment for a possible order the other two are a special order. Jake is loving Beal Art.

Jim is enjoying working with Mark, Nate and Grandpa Bill. An electrical license will come in handy when he is ready for theatre tech school, and he doesn't mind the money either. He is currently volunteering at OKTC as the SM for The Wedding Singer.

I hadn't picked up my needles in ages until this week, hope to put them to use everyday for the next little bit. No designing happening here but as life stabilizes with these boys growing up I'm sure I'll get back to it. I have a few special projects in the works for the theatre, pictures when I am allowed.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Settling Down

- it's all relative.

Dan has a place to live in September! Close to school, a library, a grocery store & the Via/Go station - didn't search out the other necessities of student life - the beer store and liquor store - some things kids just need to do for themselves...

Jake starts summer school tomorrow.

Jim's apprenticeship application is underway.

I am home today listing on etsy and relaxing, would have liked to have gone to the fireworks last night but was exhausted after the trip back and forth to Oakville yesterday.

Hopefully Jim can start work next week and we can get into a routine, it will all change in a month I know but I need to be a bit more settled.

When they were little & I felt like I'd been living in a fog of exhaustion for years (3 kids under the age of 4 in diapers will do that to you) I thought this time would be so easy - now the one who craves routine is me rather than them and I must acknowledge it is different but just as busy.