Saturday, February 27, 2016

What is Normal?

Crazy work week, T4s one day, T4As another, 4 eight hour days +, this is rare for me. NYC trip meeting today. Fixed a costume mix up, hopefully, pulled costumes for another show. No day is ever the same, nor do they go as expected, both stimulating and frustrating - this week it was frustrating.

Fantastic Installation show from BealArt students, last night at the Satellite Gallery.

Blanket embroidery is coming along. I initially charted the pictures out but the counting was driving me mad so I sketched out the picture with chalk and out lined, I should be done the embroidery tonight.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Back to the Knits

I've been working a project on my knitting machine, unfinished at this point due to my own lack of time management, in Mark's words "you should have started that a month ago". It is a blanket for OKTC's 25th Anniversary Reunion auction, which happened on February 13th.

The middle panel has the theatre masks embroidered on, it went home with the buyer and I am currently waiting to get it back so I can finish the masks, sew the other two panels on and finish the edges. Pattern is my own, mask's are trademarked so I won't be making this one again. DK weight yarn, each panel is 110 stitches and 400 rows. I'll let you know finished measurements when I'm actually finished.

I've left the knitting machine set up in Dan's room, Jimmy has requested a different blanket and I will look for yarn in NYC.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Sit down you're rockin the boat!

Guys and Dolls is stuck in my head thank to Audition/Rehearsal which I watched today at OKTC, it's part of our annual Playfest, some very funny performances today including a way over the top stage parent and one of the wildest interpretive dancer's I have ever seen. I saw Nancy Drew yesterday a fun throw back to my childhood. Playfest continues this week and weekend with an awards presentation on Sunday. On Friday there is a PD Day performance of Radium Girls. I'm hearing wonderful things about Trojan Women which I hope to see tomorrow, among them that the costumes are gorgeous, our co-op student Samantha was a great help with them, she even came up with a no cost dress for Helen of Troy when our budget was tight.

Tomorrow I am replacing our current car with another "new to me" vehicle, I just need cars to work but wish the old one had worked a little longer as I really didn't want to spend money on a newer one. Nice things about the new car - a bit more room, more headroom, bigger trunk but same general size as last car, same colour too, so hopefully I can find it in the parking lot.

I've been walking to work & then busing home in the evenings, I hope to stay a bit more active and not hop automatically into the car everyday, this new leaf just got turned on Friday so no promises that it won't go back, but the views of the river, birds & just seeing familiar faces in the Village has been lovely. I'll be walking through this week at least though as I gave up my parking pass so our adjudicator can use it this week.

The Etsy shop has slowed down, sales at least, folks are saying it's tax time, could be, as all our stuff went in to the accountant this week, hopefully we're all getting refunds. I'd like to stay a head of last year and our February and March were very strong.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Spring Blues...

Well the car made it through the winter but yesterday when I had to drive all over town it became clear that she will need to be replaced _ sob! - this & that boy in college were the reasons I was wary about spending my hard earned $ in NYC - not that I regret it, I did great and didn't go overboard, came home healthy, did some fun stuff & got lovely gifts.

I need a small, used, inexpensive & good on gas replacement for my Nissan Sentra - not another Sentra though, I'm inclined towards a hatchback  so I can carry more, might come in handy for deliveries to Mark & the theatre. So if you have a recommendation, know somebody who wants to sell, etc, drop me a line.

In the midst of the running around & before the overheating I went to Value Village and Talize and found some great vintage patterns for the etsy store, those that I've had before have already been relisted, new items will be added daily through April from the look of my pile.

Today I did some work starting on costumes for American Idiot, well I ordered a pattern, once it comes I will order the fabrics I want which I was lucky to find in the colours I need online. I will probably have our co-op Samantha do most of the sewing - poor girl is probably ready to kill me but we've never had a co-op who could sew independently & we've been trying to make sure she gets the experience she wants, she is planning to apply to Dalhousie for costume design, I wonder how she is going to feel about sequins?

I bought myself a treat the other day and it was here when I got home. I can't wait to start making a few things - I'm planning to make good number of gifts this year out of Centenary Stitches.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Long Weekend!

Though we don't participate in organized religion I do appreciate the holidays - I wonder what will happen to them as church participation continues to fall?

Last night we went to the BealArt specials show at Landon Public Library - go there is some great work on display and available for purchase. 

Bealart Printmaking and Sculpture Specialist
students are having their own exhibition!
The opening is April 2nd at 7 at Landon Library
167 Wortley Rd and will be up until April 30th.

I plan to do a lot but mostly from my bed, snuggled down with my laptop running my "empire" in Mark's words.

So far this morning, I've read up on some blogs I've been missing, check out this post about blogging. I'm way at the other side of the home with baby stage, where they are in the process of leaving us, just as busy in a different way but I like this approach.

Teased a "friend" on twitter about his growing baby girl and how fast kids grow - we live in the same city but have never met. Reported a nasty commenter on twitter who insulted another friend based on his sexuality. I love how technology can bring us together but hate how some use it to pull us apart.

Caught up on my news addiction - not healthy at times. Missing our journalism student who is the only one around here who understands.

Created a stack of draft listings for my etsy store, hopefully by the end of the weekend the stack of pattern booklets and magazines beside the bed will all be drafts and downstairs in the storage area. I should have 1000 listings sometime soon.

Baking a cake today to take to my parents place for dinner.

Tomorrow we might go look at a new to me car or not since my latest seems to be functioning well again.

Going to cast on a shawl for me, been kicking the idea round for a bit. We'll see where it goes. Need to make something big & fun for the 25th Anniversay Gala as well - but what?

Sun has come out, perhaps a walk will be added to my list, have a lovely long weekend, however you celebrate Spring.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Etsy Changes and How Am I Keeping Up?

As usual January, February and March now have blown by, between end of one season, shows, tax time and our annual NYC trip I go crazy.

This piece from my annual walk on the High Line is speaking to me right now.

Blisters are healing and I am heading into the short lived work lull of Play Fest, but when it is done there will be a ton of stuff to put away.

With everything going on and the changes everyone on etsy seems to be complaining about I've had my best quarter yet after two years of steady improvement, I may have finally gotten into the groove.

49 is looking like it will be a good year...

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Knitting Pretty Green

Love my knitting right now, hand dyed yarn from BlackSheep DyeWorks looks like I got the last of the worsted in the Forest Multi but she has a sale on...

Jimmy's show (The Wedding Singer at OKTC) is done today, he had a great experience Stage Managing for the first time. Thanks Kerry.

Working on costumes for Charlie Brown Christmas and Into the Woods at the moment. Got my hair done this week so I look a bit more like Frieda.

I know not curly, wait until Saturday morning. I'm getting lots of questions (they said I would) about who coloured it, call Dodi at the Wright Hair & Co.

My etsy shop has been busy, lots of new items and many price reductions.